Office Hours: Monday - Friday  8:00am - 5:00pm

The Flinn Clinic has 7 Offices in the Memphis area to serve you and your patients.

The Flinn Clinic

A comprehensive multi-modality outpatient imaging center.

Who We Are

The Flinn Clinic is a comprehensive multi-modality outpatient imaging center. Our mission is to:

Provide the Best Medical Imaging, One Patient at a Time

Founded in 1974, The Flinn Clinic was formed to improve access to state-of-the-art medical imaging services in the Memphis area.  Today, The Flinn Clinic continues to lead the way in the Memphis area and has been the first to introduce many new medical imaging technologies and procedures.

Our Commitment to Quality

We challenge ourselves every day to improve our quality. At The Flinn Clinic quality means:

  • Ongoing education of our sub-specialized radiologists and imaging technologists in the latest clinical protocols
  • Meeting the industry's highest accreditation standards
  • Comprehensive advanced medical imaging modalities with ongoing quality assurance
  • Adherence to all applicable local, state and federal regulatory guidelines
  • Existence of a formal quality improvement program
  • Clinician and patient satisfaction surveys
  • Application of American College of Radiology standards
  • American College of Radiology accredited and FDA certified mammography services
  • Timely reporting of results
  • Customer service (convenience, efficiency, patient safety and privacy)
  • Patients, their insurance companies and physicians can see our commitment to quality through our focus on benchmarking, measuring and reporting of indicators that demonstrate quality in medical imaging.

Meet Our Physicians

George Flinn is the founder and president of The Flinn Clinic.